Perilous Lands: Ma'helas

Wout Broere w.broere at CT.TUDELFT.NL
Thu Oct 2 09:24:56 CEST 1997

>I am currently working up a set of 4 close-up maps of the Ma'helan area,
>taken from my map book.  They will be in GIF format (each map is about
>36k for a letter-sized map...good compression).  With luck the list
>server will be able to forward them, but if it cannot handle them, Wout,
>could you make a spot for them on your pages (perhaps an "Exploring the
>Lands" page, with links to cultures and regions?).

As the listserver is not capable of handling attached files, setting up a
webpage will be the thing to do. I will create a Perilous Lands background
category as soon as the first entry arrives.


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