new edition

Larry D. Hols crkdface at PCPARTNER.NET
Fri Oct 10 02:17:23 CEST 1997


Just a note to inform one and all that I am in the process of typing up the
draft of the new edition for presentation to Avalon Hill this month.  Those who
have asked for a copy of what I send to AH will be receiving that sent by the end
of the month.

The proposal will include: the first two chapters of the player's guide,
the working outline for the rest of that book and the GM's guide, my notes
on how I wish to pursue development of the manuscripts, my suggestions for
supplemental materials to be developed initially, and suggestions for a setting.
(Keep in mind that Perilous Lands may be appropriated for RuneQuest.)

I will suggest playtesting of the rules as part of the process and would like
for a couple of playtest groups to be made up of long-time P&P players.  Also, if
any of you are artists and wish to try your hand at game art, you may be able to
place some work in a new edition.


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