More Additions to the Ma'helas area

Mon Oct 27 19:04:46 CET 1997

As "discovered" by my gaming group, as I took a random encounter and ran
with it. :)
[Map 8; The Ullan-332]
A small mountainous citidel of dwarves are here (about 13,000).  Their
home is pretty isolated, and finding it is no easy task ASSUMING you
knew it existed.  There is minimal trade with Ft. Dwakza, primarily
metal goods (the Dwarves do not sell their best).

[Map 8; The Ullan-333]
A clan of Robari, about 50 strong, are slowly being pushed north by
Vaheari exapansion to the south.  Soon the Clan goats will be
ovverrunning what little outside plants the Dwarves grow as well as
fouling their mountains.  There has been little communication with the
Dwarves, who are starting to get frustrated by the lack of "cooperation"
(the dwarves do not know any Robari, communication is minimal and pretty
much waving weapons and pointing in directions).

This site was prompted by the random night encounter of a lone dwarf.
The Kazi, who was on guard, went to investigate.  Seeing who it was, he
used his skill in dwarf elder to communicate, rolling a special success.
The Dwarf, a scout for the citidel, took a liking to this huge human
(obviously a Dwarf Friend :) and invited the Kazi and his "consort" to
the citidel.  After kibitzing with the dwarves (and buying some good
steel weapons) the players asked me if anything interesting was
happening -- I rolled on my "random plot hook" table and got "A time of
tension" and decided on troubles with the Local Robari tribe.  As a
matter of fact, the Ma'helan player knew Robari AND Diplomacy (a skill I
added which she bought), and thus the two went off to parley with the
tribe for the dwarves.  After a bit talking and some good Diplomacy
rolls, a trade agreement was reached where the Robari would stay off
dwarven lands and trade them wool and goat meat in exchange for dwarven
metal weapons to fight the Vaheari with. (Which is what the Ma'helan
worked for, since it was a Vaheari raid that took her captive, and sold
her as a slave with the Climans, who eventually sold her to a Donaran
merchant and his Kazi bodyguard. :)

The diplomacy angle worked out good, and as a "mini adventure" might be
the best way to handle it (normal P&P players will need to use the
Influence Chance stuff).

More Goodies from Ma'helas as the crew travels...
     -- Burton
My players decided to meet with the Robari, since the Ma'helan
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