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*** Quoting "Choinski, Burt" from a message to longshot ***

"B> Thanks.  I have an excell sheet that I used to matrix the directions
"B> and motivations, putting in a weight for each intersection. The sheet
"B> then takes the weights and calculates the die spans (that was a fun
"B> coding task, believe me).

     Is the sheet on the site?  I could look at it ....

"B> I went originally with 1d6 since EVERYONE has d6's (thus usable for
"B> Shadowrun, Star Wars as well as P&P), but some of the entries are a
"B> bit too choppy, and if Iadd any more entries things may calculate to
"B> a chance of 0.  So I'm going to re-do the chart to use a 1d1000 roll.

     Very true...Well I'm sure we could have a look-see at the new chart when
its done :).

"B> When I have that done, I'll see about making a generic tool out of
"B> the chart. having something that can turn a matrix into die rolls
"B> automatically is too handy for GM's not to have.  I'll send it to
"B> Wout when done.

     Well maybe I could write a small quick program as well :) Like I did for
teh Random Encounter program.

"B> That's what I thought.  It fit in perfectly with the idea that the
"B> Healer could no longer do his magic, since the goddess withdrew her
"B> gifts from him.

oh I see...

"B> This group runs again this friday.  The last game was spent getting
"B> back to caldo, closing up shop and moving stuff to Djanesborg.  At
"B> the start of this game they will begin to settle in and I will start
"B> trying to tangle them into the motivation threads I have now.
"B> -- Burton

     hehe...good luck

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