Powers & Perils Mass Combat

Burton & Linda Choinski linna at NETCOM.COM
Mon Apr 27 02:15:59 CEST 1998

Longshot wrote:

> li> Mass Combat for the Perilous Lands ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> li> NOTE: The following system is adapted from the Mass Combat rules in
> Did a nice job.  Is this part of the rules I sent ya or posted here from the
> gurps rules?  Looks familiar.

It's the GURPS rules for the most part, with changes to a 2d10 rather than 3d6
resolution system (that's what I use :).  I changes the rules for determining
in the original you make one roll for both sides and find the differences
between their
successes...if one side succeeded by 3 and the other by 1, the winner started
then +2 table (3-1) and the loser on the -2 (1-3).  The problem was, when you
big, the other side always lost big.  It was too simple.  Perhaps my rolling
for every
distinct unit is a bit much, but produces better flavor...you could win the
battle big, but
find yor key group of cavalry decimated.
   -- Burton

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