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Scott Cohan scott.cohan at SSA.GOV
Mon Apr 27 15:32:42 CEST 1998

  >You say port doman is regressive? I played/ran alot there last year and I'd
  >say no.  If anything its stagnant.  And once they do something sudden they
  >could die once the formorian empire decides to act on their rebelious people

  While I'd be willing to discuss the situation for many countries, I'd have to
  say that Port Doman is almost classical in their Regressiveness.

  "Around the year 600, Port Doman allied with the Izza, converted them to the
  Fomorian faith and entered the slave trade.  This began their corruption.  By
  the year 1000, with the return of Nylasa power and the emergence of the Dark
  City, Port Doman no longer dominated the land.  They have suffered resounding
  defeats in the jungle and have been forced to adopt a defensive posture to

  (Years given are in the Salaqi calender, for which the current year is 1100)

  They are beset my enemies who wish to eradicate them.
  Their military might is on the decline.
  Their time of glory is past, and they have already begun the slide into

  Sounds Regressive to me, but I'm willing to argue the point.

  Rev. Scott Cohan

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