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PaPF>     I'm back, and have a new email address. And, to kick off my return
PaPF> like to pose a question:

Welcome back!

PaPF> just started a new campaign...I *actually get to play this time!* (as
PaPF> opposed to DMing it for the last 10+ years)...and the DM and I (Hiya T
PaPF> couldn't difinitively decide how long a time was needed to regenerate
PaPF> IMC, I used that as per hour of sleep.  But in this campaign we are ru
PaPF> it right now with the assumption that the time is per 12-hours.  Anyon
PaPF> for sure?  What do you use?

Well its per 24 hours..but this 'day' assumes you travel for 12 and sleep for
12 so in reality to me it uses a 12 hour scale because to me you regenerate
that 12 hour period while asleep though technically you could while travelling.
 Just remeber that you can add MEL to the regeneration or the natrual magician
special as well to it.  I tend to basically tell the players how much they
regenerate when they break camp in the morning.  12 hours would be nice but
every 12 hours could get out of hand for powerful mages :)

Get to play..I'd wish I could do that :<..always GMing :)

And about to start a new PBEM game up soon..

Longshot aka Scott Adams

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