Looking for game books/Hasbro question/note to Woute

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Thu Jan 28 19:28:35 CET 1999

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th>         take it. Oh well, either way, it's gone and I need to find a
th>         replacement. I'm looking for either book 1 by itself or even a
th>         complete box set. Also interested in getting backup copies of
th>         Book of Tables and Tower of the Dead. I don't care about the
th>         physical box, but would like to get the complete contents for

Welcome back...

As to books I think someone advertised a few months back on a set to sell ..you
could look back in the archives (too bad you can't do a search? ).

I typed in all of book 1 years ago but if i sent it some might get upset for
copywrite :<.

th>                Also, could someone fill me in on the Hasbro deal? I
th>         was unaware of the sale. If the situation looks good I'll
th>         contact them and see if they're open to the same deal that

Don't know much about it.  Just noticed the site changes overnight :)

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