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Frank Torres lycosa at CLARK.NET
Sat Jan 30 20:54:20 CET 1999

The DCV of the target doesn't get used in missile combat. The target can use his
shield EL to modify the roll, or he can attempt to dodge the missle.


"Paul L. Ming" wrote:

> Hiya folks.
>     I am designing a 'backup character' for our current P&P campaign and am
> seriously looking at an archer-type guy.  One thing that is seeming more and
> more strange is what line you roll on (on the combat table).  Now, correct
> me if I am wrong here, but don't the numbers in the "Range Fractions" table
> in book two (page 6).  Ok, fine.  One thing that we would like direct feed
> back on is this: does the opponent get to 'subtact his DCV from the line?
> Example: if I shoot my long bow at someone who is at Point blank range (say,
> 20'), I roll on line +12.  Period.  I do not subtract the opponents DCV.
> Correct?  This is how we have been playing it.  Anyone else have a different
> oppinion?
> ^_^
> Denakhan the Arch-Mage.

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