Converting skills to all "or 80".

The Choinski Family choinski at TIAC.NET
Wed May 5 00:57:23 CEST 1999

>From: "Paul L. Ming" <pming at YT.SYMPATICO.CA>
>>>    A friend and I got to talking about P&P and we know that someone
>>>(Burton?) and a few others have "converte" the "normal" EL skills (combat
>>>and some others) to an "or 80" EL skill.
>>>    Simply put, what did you do?  Simply multiply the EL by 10? Or is
> there
>>>more to it?

Actually, my variant went the other way, dropping the "or 80" skills and
making them all EL based.

The only problem is that it does not mesh well with the combat system as is.
As a stand-alone resolution system it works pretty well.
   -- Burton

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