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Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Fri May 14 03:23:59 CEST 1999

     Status of players for the P&P PBEM Game

     Player      Character Done      Application     Needing more stuff
     Bondo       No                  Complete        Spells , char basics
     Nomad       No                  Complete        Everything
     Terijon     No                  Complete        Everything
     Sundancer   Almost              Complete        Minor Edits to complete
     Kurgen      No                  Complete        Everything
     Donnie      No                  Complete        Everything
     Burton C.   No                  Complete        Everything
     David J.    No                  No              Everything
     Lyman R.H.  No                  No              Everything
     Balrog      Yes                 Complete        Nothing
     Uji         Yes                 Complete        Nothing
     Frank T.    Yes                 Complete        Minor Questions
     Wout B.     Yes                 Complete        Minor Edits/Questions
     Warushiru K No                  No              Everything
     Oliver K    No                  No              Everything
     Robert H.   No                  No              Everything

     These are who I have so far.  This weekend I will be contacting
     people to get on the ball and so we can start the game maybe
     by 6/1.  I am working on a mailing list for us for the game.

     I will contact each person within the following week....

     Any questions/comments or additional players just contact me :)

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