Some Thoughts on the New Revision

Paul L. Ming pming at YT.SYMPATICO.CA
Sat May 15 23:00:04 CEST 1999


<<<snip format of texts>>>
> Yes.  Word is a popular format.  But text is good for printing out to
> players and such for the games.  :)

    I'm not sure if everyone else knows about this, so I'll blurt it out.
    Adobe Acrobat Reader.  It's free from  for the
following platforms: Windows95, Windows98, Windows NT, Windows 3.1,
Mac_.bin, Mac_hqx, LINUX, IBM AIX, Sun OS, Solaris, SGI IRIX, HP-UX, Digital
Unix,  OS/2 Warp.  It is also available in several different languages (not
all langs for each platform, however).
    You can view any .pdf file; perfectly.  There will be no "conversion
screw ups".  You can zoom in and out, have hyperlinks, have graphics (even
animations and sounds).  Zooming into text doesn't degrade the text pixels.
They remain smooth.  You can print some, any, or all of the pages using a
normal printer, or a post script printer (even in another language if you
have the language package installed).
    In short, .pdf will make the texts available to everyone, and it will
look the same on a Mac as it does on a Windows as it does on a Linux box.
(the hyperlinking is also very  cool).
    The drawbacks: You need to buy Adobe Acrobat if you want to create
them...and it ain't cheap.  So if you want it 'converted' you need to find
someone who has it (like me :) and get them to do it or go over and use
there copy if you can.


Denakhan the Arch-Mage
a.k.a. Paul L. Ming

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