Some Thoughts on the New Revision

Matijs van Zuijlen mzuijlen at INTEGRAL.NL
Sun May 16 17:30:44 CEST 1999

><<<snip format of texts>>>
>> Yes.  Word is a popular format.  But text is good for printing out to
>> players and such for the games.  :)
>    I'm not sure if everyone else knows about this, so I'll blurt it out.
>    Adobe Acrobat Reader.  It's free from  for the
> (...)
>    The drawbacks: You need to buy Adobe Acrobat if you want to create
>them...and it ain't cheap.  So if you want it 'converted' you need to find
>someone who has it (like me :) and get them to do it or go over and use
>there copy if you can.

Just some thoughts on this.

I can produce Acrobat files from my LaTeX without Distiller. There are
several systems to do this, and also Ghostscript converts "any" Postscript
file to .PDF. This has some limitations though.

We use LaTeX because there will be no problems printing it just the way we
want it to be. I've had too much trouble in the past where I did a layout in
Word, making sure it was all on one page, and then when I went over to
someone with a better printer, there would be one word on page two. For
basic cutting and pasting to give players some info, Word or plain text
would be fine though.


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