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Sun May 16 21:07:33 CEST 1999

---Scott Adams <longshot at DARKTECH.ORG> wrote:
> >I'm heading that direction.  I'm probably going to eliminate some of
> >the gods and give it all a little more structure with personalities,
> >history, mythology, etc...  This could be a long time coming however.
> I like all the gods but more info would be good not sure if deleting
> help or not :)  I mean a good system uses alot of higher and lower
gods to
> do good things :)

I like all the gods and I agree that gods of differing power levels
are good.  My problem with the cosmology is that the different
mythoses lack structure.  Why do we have only one god of Greek origin
for instance: Hecate; and two of Egyptian: Tehuti and Set?  Why are
only two Norse gods included (Odin and Tyr) with another (Ull the
archer) in another section entirely?Some of this just seem to be a
hodgepodge (sorry, there's that word again).  I understand that only
major gods are here and many others are worshipped, but I'd like to
see a better mythos structure.
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