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>       I will be playing the male faerry/scholar, although there are
>some problems with the max stats. Am enclosing corrected version of

Whoa noticed that not sure why it did it for that one and not
the others Ihave done..hmm..that math is correct..weird..
will have to figure that out..

>       What innate spell do I have? Will you roll it randomly, or do
>you have me choose? Also, what animal can I shape shift into? Choose or
>random? And, what am I a scholar of? E-mail me with answers soon, okay?

Spells you can choose or roll here is the ones you can select mana cost of
only 2 or less...per the rules..

  1-6   Elf Shot      1
  7-12  Fascination   1
 13-17  Foyson Theft  1
 18-23  Healing       1
 24-28  Music         1
 29-33  Speed         1
 34-38  Tracking      1
 39-43  Compulsion    1
 44-48  Invisibility  1
 49-53  Luck          2
maybe 54-100 reroll or something :)..or just choose :)
since you have the rules you can look the spells up of course :)

Animal same thing you can choose if you wish..nothing like a supernatural
demon or something...maybe as exotic as a firesnake but that's your choice :)

As to scholar well you can determine that or I can? Could be of some book
or tome you have...something your researching or just a generic scholar...

>       I'll talk to you later.


Still need to do your equipment.... background and any goals for him then
you are complete..course a character name but the scholar is fine..if you
need help I could help on some points like background..

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