Alex Koponen akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM
Fri Nov 3 20:39:01 CET 2000

> I am planning on sending a copy to anyone (up to 20 until I ask to see if
> can make more...) who owns the original and wants to pay for shipping and
> the cost of a CD (about a buck plus shipping of a few more $ depending on
> how you want me to send it).  I would note that I have a brother and a
> sister who will recieve a copy, as will I.  So 17 more copies will be made
> available originally.  Wout will probably get one for free as his site
> rocks, and since I need to suck up to the online GM I'm playing with Scott
> will probably get one free.  I will probably go down the registered list
> GM's on Wout's site and see (via e-mail) who else wants one.  That is
> 15 more people, and yes Burton you may have one :) ... please be patient
> with me though, as I am not the fastest lazy bumm in the world...
> -Marcel aka maouse
I hereby request one. Let me know how much $ to send. And where to send it.

    Alex Koponen
    710 Chena Ridge
    Fairbanks, Alaska
     USA           99709

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