Spell List

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Fri Nov 10 19:29:30 CET 2000

   Would you like a scanned copy of the spells?  It is all the spells, but
because of the coloring (and pencil marks from years of use) some of the
text is garbled.  I am in the middle of deciding what to do with it, but I
have to at least get it cleaned a bit.  I need to really look at the spell
list and see if it is worth using a single class for ranges, dur, etc... or
if I have to type them all in again.
  For example, use a int for range, dur, etc... have 0 be squared (what I
usually use it for) and like 20 be none.  Then select case where there are
only 20 different range classes for the 220 (?) spells.  If this is
feasable it is how i'm gonna put it into my database (also, this way if you
want just ranges you don't have to open the description database/file).
Just kickin some ideas around before I set to work on it.
   Like I said, if you want it you can (if you wait a bit on the other hand
you won't have to type in the rest of the spells). it's a 146k(.15MB) plain
text file or 1600k doc file (1.6MB).  One or both can be zipped which
should help. Just let me know.

-Marcel aka maouse at fulton-net.com

ps. I love the company's new 20PPM scanner!!!!

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