CD Update

Jim Gianoglio thorgest at NLC.NET
Fri Nov 17 14:59:34 CET 2000

Thanks for the update Maouse cause I thought the mail list went dead...
postings had been fast, furious and often lately and suddenly it all

As I am rereading the rulebooks in preparation of starting my game I am
having a problem accepting the skill buying part as written. What's causing
the difficulty is the supermarket approach. The approach taken by the game
results in players buying the skill bundles that will give them the best
bang for the bucks and not necessarily make sense for their character.

 It was the Executioner skill that started me worrying about this. The idea
that you could have several people in a campaign who were executioners and
be as young as 17 years old seems a bit strange.

  I don't know how I'm going to resolve this; I was thinking of including
some age increase with some of the bundles or just eliminating some and
creating new ones to allow more options and perhaps some more diversity.

Jim Gianoglio

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