Too many skills...

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Tue Nov 21 15:58:09 CET 2000

Ah, I see.  So the starting "class" skill points (like R&W + ANY 3 with a
cost to learn of 35 or less for Station 6) should be restricted to only
allowing one "carreer" skill.  I don't really have a problem with
restricting this, but kind of think it's a mute point when you figure they
may have 800 additional points with which you ARE allowing them to buy
other skills which can be carreer skills.

As far as concern about there being ten foresters in a group of ten
adventurers - yeh this can seem a bit much (all having max bow skill).  But
it can certainly offset a party of ten Mages (ok so spells get cast
first... arrows still strike first :).

I myself don't care about executioners, because they are thugs (by nature
of "torture") and killers and generally (NPC)people KNOW IT.  A 17 year old
who has chopped a head off of let's say a 40 HP character class character -
let's see, first- if he was given writ to do it he can in THAT county,
second- if he did do it he earned d10 expertise in executioner and NO CEP!
So he could still be horrible with a sword.  But what you're saying is that
if that SAME character had indeed killed the 40 HP NPC in a dual and earned
160 CEP, 4 stats, and 8 Weapon Expertise, this is ok (starting CEP of 1200
means they've seen a LOT of combat for one).  Essentially you could look at
it this way; in every age there are young people who excell at killing.
Some hone their skills on the innocent, some on the previous generation.
(Hopefully this is just in the game of course).  Consider Billy the Kid for
a while then consider Alexander the Great.  Both started VERY young.

-Marcel aka maouse

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