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At 07:29 PM 3/6/01 +0100, you wrote:

>Concerning these items and breakability -
>I typically rule that "magic items" don't break the same as other items.
>I apply the rules for FV to them as well when creation is done. In other
>words, if a mage wishes to "toughen up" a bag (for instance) which he is
>also enhancing with say indetectability and extra size I allow it. I also
>allow (if he knows how to MAKE one) him to MAKE a bag that has an AV and DR
>as well as FV. Conceivably this could end up being one heck of a
>miscelaneous thrown weapon if you also added +WS +to hit(especially when
>properly weighted and filled with oil and followed with a torch...). It
>could make a nice "concealed" bedroll also, with an enhanced AV.

I always felt FV/DR were 'physical' additivies.  Course I RARELY use them in a
as its alot of bookeeping.  I suppose you could do a form of magical
supernatural FV/DR
for such items.  But as to your bag...interesting.  Course you remind me of a
friend (Balrog)
in the game he could come up with some wacky things like that :)

>I also apply the following - any spell castable held within any wand or
>staff WILL be cast when it is destroyed... but please don't think this is
>as tawdry as it first appears. What I am saying is that the MANA is
>released. SO: If an item is capable of say 3 EL4 fireballs in a day, 3 are
>cast... IN A RANDOM DIRECTION (this gets rid of the whole "player abuse"
>issue of "snapping the wand towards them"). Alternately I use the wand or
>staff ITSELF as the castor... ie. cold and such affect everyone within
>range including the weilder.

I tend to do the same for items.  However, not in every case.  Its a case by
case basis.
I think such spells in some cases would not harm the caster/creator (say
like an automaton which is intelligent or something).  Depending on my mood I
do the same for lethal stuff like fireballs...but some argued that the spell
go 'up' toward the upper world where the source of most supenatural power is
located and thus would go that way (to its home if you will).

>Grenades in melee are still possible... try a EL 6 Destruction Wand...
>Hehehe... Then Go visit an Upper World Alal for some real destruction (if
>you double the EL for upper it becomes an EL 20 destruction, only about a
>1900 MILE radius of destruction). Even in the lower world they can cast it
>to level a city in a single casting (about 3 mi radius!)... They are my new
>#1 "most bitchin'" creature (we are currently travelling in the upper world
>and met one who cast and leveled an entire hell in an attempt to kill us -
>we teleported away - lucky for us the "blast area" was contained by the
>hell's border - 40 dam per phase is unliveable).

Intriguing ...but I guess I'm tired I don't recall the double affect in the
UW.  I'll likely
remeber tomorrow when my brain is working :)

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