Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Tue Mar 13 14:29:52 CET 2001

Worthless for enhancement = cannot hold magic = cannot be used to further
hold magic = cannot be enchanted. Just a thought. And yes, I DO say that
everything has to be "prepped" or enhanced to hold magic (in my game).
Consequently, on enchanted items, one could easily say that if you fail a
spell you wanted in an item, you aren't going to get what you wanted to, so
would you continue to cast other spells? (some would I know) I guess the
books leave this as an option, and that is fine. I would have to think that
that is why there are all those +FV, +hit only or +WSB only weapons out

As far as wands and staffs go: MEL is subtracted as a % for Staffs
(staves?). This amounts to a 2-12% bonus, or roughly "up to 6 MEL's". Wands
ONLY get EL %, not ELx2 (Which is a bonus, I think, only on ABYSMAL ROLLS).
This amounts to a 1-6% typically, or roughly "up to 3 MEL's".

A MEL is roughly 2% points, I hope we can agree. So while an apprentice
with a wand can be a "wizard, innexperienced", an apprentice with a staff
can become a "wizard, experienced." That seems to be the difference.

I know you want to "hold to" what the book actually VAGUELY says under
wand, but if you simply cross reference the a,b,c,d listings of staffs and
wands, you see what was truly meant. It was simply supposed to be a % bonus
equal to MEL or EL, that is all. Kind of like a + to hit on a sword.
Sometimes more is read into things than belongs... I mean some people are
trying to get 5 EL's added to every spell they cast for pete's sake!


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