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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Aug 3 22:20:13 CEST 2004

At 10:00 AM 8/3/04 -0700, you wrote:
>I apologize for being away for so long, but life is
>like that, unfortunately.  Do I understand correctly
>that people are typing up the Culture Book from
>Perilous Lands?  If so, I have the entire book as a
>Word file that I can forward.  The only change is that
>I changed all of the god names to my own, but that can
>be easily fixed.  As well, I redid all the dates to
>Salaqi calendar.  If it is still useful, let me know
>and I'll upload it to the list or the people involved.
> In addition, I did some cleaning and found my old
>data on trireme performance if people are still

Yes.  What you saw on the list is the almost finished product aside from
comments and such.  I don't need it now.  Your the one I must've gotten the
culture file from a long time ago.  All the dates WERE changed to slaaqi.
I dind't realize you use your own gods.  I may have to note that for the
relgiion summary in the summary file.  That's the only place I use the
info.  But other than that its good to go.  

I was hoping for help on it awhile back but then none came aside from
burton and another guy.  It fell through...which I'm glad :)  Since I sat
down and read it cover to cover and thus all the reports much better than
what I asked for help came out of it.  :)

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