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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Aug 6 07:56:02 CEST 2004

>Basically, all the gods are the same, I just changed
>the names.  Thought it was odd for us to have fantasy
>names and places, but gods everyone recognized.  Where
>possible, I just moved syllables around, so Hecate
>became Catheta and Sutekh became Khesek.  Others are
>odd, like Mimir was changed to Byrne, because Mimir is
a talking head, and David Byrne was the lead singer
or the Talking Heads, etc.  I have all the files

I see.  I actually don't recall those names so maybe my file didn't have
the gods changed.  

>Anyway, I'm willing to help this project in some way,
>now that my time has finally freed up somewhat.  Plus,
>I finally got Acrobat 6.0 Professional, so I'm itching
>to try it out, heh heh.

Well the project is over.  What I posted 2 weeks ago was it.  :)  I'm just
wondering why Richard or anyone hasn't commented on the files :<  Oh well
guess they'll get to it soon.  The 13 reports was the project.  The big
timeline and mainly the magic/slavery report was what I wanted to do.  But
the other stuff came out of it.

Now I'm working on a book 2 magic project....

Sadly the formating sucks so far so will have to figure out a better way to
format the info...when done will post it...

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