[PnP] RE: Scott Adams Questions

Doyle Wayne Ramos Tavener doyletavener at houston.rr.com
Tue Aug 10 16:49:18 CEST 2004

Scott Adams Sez:
> Gee....2 weeks and no comments on the Culture book stuff I did?  :)
> Richard what did you think?  Did you see the post of questions I had
> you and comments?
> Working on anohter pnp project but not sure if its worth posting if no
> comments on it :)...j/k
> Wout, if no one says anything I'll send you the files at the end of
> month...

[Doyle Wayne Ramos Tavener] 
As a newb, I am a little confused about your project. What exactly did
you do? I got a whole bunch of files recently, but I really could not
make head or tails out of them, because of formatting issues. 



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