[PnP] Free time can lead to idle hands

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Aug 13 08:55:00 CEST 2004

   Ok.  Still have no books to read at work.  So I have free time.
   Dangeorus for me.  Since I get on these stints :)  I'm currently
   working on a  Book 2 project similiar to the one for the cultur
   book.  In report format so its easy to find say Range/Damage
   and other values for spells in chart format.  I'm done with
   it all in one file.  Just got to edit it but can't figure out
   a good format so far.  Anyways, after that is done.  I may
   do a Book 3 project.  Based on same idea.  Here is a sample
   I quick typed up in a few min.  The project would show a chart
   like this.  Would you guys find this useful?  If so I'll do
   the project.  Since I already have book 3 creatures all in one
   file typed up now its just a simple edit procedure.  

   Let me know if its worth it..

           AHP  OCV    DCV    NWI  MR     MDV  CDF  DTV  ENL  NAV  INT
Afanc       16    6   4(10)   -3   9(36)   5    3   -3    25   1    5
 Ahuras     25 11(17) 7(12)    0   12(39) 16    6   -4*   75   0    8
 Amallel    36 13(20) 9(1$)    0   12(40) 20    9   -6   100   6    8

             S       St      D      A     CL  HC  NF    Alignment  SS
Afanc      20(+1)  15(+2)  16(+1) 22(+1)  NA  NA  1D6   None       Di Om
 Ahura     15(+2)  80(+4)  40(+2) 40(+2)   1  NA  1D3   Law        N/A
 Amallel   60(+3)  35(+2)  30(+1) 40(+2)   2  NA  1D2   Law        N/A

   Creatures in this way might be easy to access or printable as a GM

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