[PnP] Short Bow

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Tue Dec 14 17:49:07 CET 2004

Don't agree with the time differential, especially for short composite, but 
otherwise is a good addition to the game.

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>Suitable for and often used by children, faerries and goblins, the short 
>bow is a smaller version of a normal bow.
>WSB-1; Range 10
>Range damages: PB+8; S+0; M-12; L-20; Ext. yes
>Seldom seen are composite short bows.
>WSB-1; Range 12
>Range damages: PB+10; S+2; M-9; L-18; Ext. yes
>A few fortunate faerries have had elven bowyers make for them Elven Short 
>WSB+1; Range 10
>Range damages: PB+8; S+0; M-12; L-20; Ext. yes
>It takes only 80% of the time for a bowyer to make a short bow as to make a 
>bow, composite bow or elven bow.
>Cost for a short bow is 8SC. Weight is 1.2 lbs.
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