[PnP] Atlatl - Spear Thrower

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Works for me. Would set value of the darts used at -1WSB by themselves and 
WSB 0 when thrown with the atlatl. Creatures such as Bush Warriors would use 
these. Also would be common for plains barbarians who are not horsemen. 
(Ro'babza comes to mind)

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>    As mentioned in the errata, thrown spears have a range of 6" (javelins 
>have a range of 8"). Until replaced by bow and arrow many peoples used 
>these to throw slim, flexible spear-like darts. Some still use spear 
>    Typically 1/3rd the length of the darts, the atlatl (thrower) was good 
>for accurate casts at around 100 feet. Different sources list extreme 
>ranges of up to 100 to 200 yards.
>Atlatl: Wt. 0.5 Lb. 1SC, allows darts to be thrown with a base range of 10" 
>and allows for extreme range.
>Darts: 9.5 foot length, 3SC, otherwise as javelin.
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