[PnP] Water and fluid weight in PnP

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Sun Dec 19 18:52:22 CET 2004

I would need to look it up but alcohol is lighter than water, but not by 
ok 0.785 of water so the 1.5lb estimate is very pure!
This link lists alot of densities, metric but conversion is simple as 
water is 1000/m3

Graeme Chaple wrote:

> Does anyone know why water and other fluids (beer, ale wine) are 
> listed as having a weight of 1.5 lbs in PnP per quart. If I remember 
> correctly a gallon (American measure) of water normally weighs 8.3 lbs 
> or so. Thus a quart of water would be just over 2 lbs.   I know this 
> doesn't seem like a lot but the weight difference of a Skin IV for 
> example would be over 7.5 pounds of weight (22.5 lbs vs 35 lbs.)
> I figured I'd ask, it's always made me wonder.
> Graeme Chaple
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