[PnP] New Powers & Perils Game

Larry Kurgan at Fastmail.fm
Sat Dec 25 08:05:47 CET 2004

Hey Scott,

    As I'm sure you remember, I tried to get involved in the last
    game, but kept having to deal with other stuff and couldn't find
    the time. This might be a good chance to give it another shot, but
    can you fill us in on the setting and such? Are you still going to
    be using Perilous Lands, for example, or a different "world?" What
    degree of commonality does magic have (casual like D&D or rare
    like Tolkien)? Stuff like that. Personally, I'm a sucker for heavy
    realism, virtually no magic (an entire nation fought over one
    bloody ring!), and a firm grounding in history (or an alternate,
    parallel history like in 7th Sea). :)

Best regards,

   Larry                          mailto:Kurgan at Fastmail.fm

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