[PnP] New Powers & Perils Game

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Dec 28 04:11:24 CET 2004

Repost #2 Seems the font on your original email was enough to
mess up my font and colors which may have made my text
unreadable. Hope you can read this now.

At 07:10 AM 12/26/04 -0500, you wrote:          
>I would be interested in starting a pbem game with you.  Have
>never dont one, but with a little help shouldn't be to hard.


Starting one or Joining?  There are 2 PBEMs at this time.  Mine
and Alex's.  Now if you want to start a 3rd we could get together
and I could help you out if you need it.  Email me at

longshot at darktech.org

Let me know.  I'd love to start one with or for you and or join
if you were going to start one or have you as a player in the
others :)

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