A legend (on behalf of Richard Snider)

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The base style is biblical - Sumerian. The content is mine.

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>At 06:36 AM 12/30/03 -0500, you wrote:
> >The titles of the various gods delineate the areas they have influence in
> >and indicate the kinds of powers that they can provide or employ. As to
> >interfering, they generally only do so when summoned by a sorcerer or
> >seeking to acheive a set goal. In the second case, personal interference
> >rare. Operating through mortals or magic-users they are patrons of is
> >common. The Convocation penalizes overt interference.
> >As to relative power, the MEL I generally employ for a god is ten times
> >contact level. As you can see a full god, CL 4 and up, can pretty much do
> >he chooses in his area of power unless another god stands in opposition
> >him. Precise rules for how much mana available and such never really
> >applied. If you wish to have some, a ball park figure of 100 points per
> >would be reasonable.
> >Glas you like the present. Hope others do also.
>Good ideas and what I figured myself.  Yes its want I wanted for a while
>now.  I still haven't finished the document but about 90%.  The story
>reminded me of my college Humanities courses with the summarian and other
>stories.   Did you get influence from those? :)
>Now got anything on ships and such? :)..then I'll be a real happy camper :)
>Good job.
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