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With the current level of Powers and Perils rules, I no longer deal with
Druids as Wizards. They are priests. The rules for the priesthood with some
modification should be used. The initial druid starts as a Mashmashu and
Urigallu. As his rank and experience increases, he adds additional training
until he knows all forms of priestly magic except the music (which is
handled by the Bards associated with a Druidic faith).
Rank 5 +1, Rank 7 +1, Rank 9 +1. Reaching MEL 12, add any he doesn't already
have save for the Kalu stuff which Bards will handle.
My opinion.

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>Subject: Re: Spells (was:  god legends)
>Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 13:36:35 -0800
>I bow to your wisdom. Yes, an excellent idea, and an excellent point. I
>personally like the backfire effect, but this is another great way to do
>it. Both together would make oblivion as rarely used as it should be.
>   Quarrels has been argued (for HOURS) in my games. Quarrels makes people
>in range fight. They cannot distinguish friend from foe. It does not FORCE
>them to attack their allies, just to attack. A solitary invisible wizard
>can wreak total havoc with this, but if visible or with friends, it is a
>double edged sword. I think the exclusions for quarrels should be costly if
>the spell cost is not increased.
>    To clarify, I have them suffer the oblivion AS WELL AS an abysmal
>affect (from your tables). I have tried very hard to get my players to
>RESPECT THE BALANCE, and may have gone a wee bit too far (they all fear
>NEW QUESTION: Druids (Humans who study sidh magics PLUS shamanism/ Elder
>Wizardry)- How does this work? In book 2, it says that they CAN take the
>other paths. What is done with starting knowledge (EP and MEP), cast
>ability, MEL, and the like. I have played with it consolidated as well as
>seperated (I have reasons for both).
>"Choinski, Burton" <Burton.Choinski at MATRIXONE.COM> wrote:
>Yes, you could just say that the GM has to really clamp down on certain
>spell use (another cheap-bastard spell is Quarrels), but for new GM's not
>having some
>sort of "hard limit" makes running the game harder.  The goal of V2 should
>be to lower the learning curve while keeping as much of the flavor as
>We need to get new blood, not just cater to us elders. :}
>I suppose an interesting mechanic might be to add +1 for every currently
>overlapping oblivion, to be used for checing for abysmal failure only.
>This overlap represents your impinging on the balance marches.
>Thus, say you have poofed 3 people into Oblivion for 1 day today.  When
>next you cast the spell, you get a +3 when checking for Abysmal, but not
>overall failure. If you have, before this busy day, poofed 2 other people
>(one for 5 years, another for a week), they would also count, since they
>are still over there.  When people pop back out your "overlap" is
>This means that you you only put so many people "on ice" before you are
>limited by the powers that be, unless you are really lucky or really good.
>With this modification, Abysmal should not impose an automatic "affects
>caster", but instead use the abysmal table (or mu custom tables on Wout's

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