Perilous Lands Map

John Raner katkin_kalvin at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jan 9 23:32:38 CET 2004

--- Floyd Resler <macmage at MACCRAFTERS.COM> wrote:
> Recently, I scanned each page in the map book of
> Perilous Lands and put all
> of them together to form on huge map.  If printed,
> it would be 41" wide and
> 33" high.  Someday I'll have it printed and hang it
> on my wall (Kinko's said
> it would cost about $90 to have it printed in full
> color).  If you want to
> download the full map, visit my Web page at

I tried to download the map but got an HTTP 404 -
"file not found" error.


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