Fletching Arrows

Alex Koponen akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM
Sun Jan 25 20:59:20 CET 2004

The skill Fletcher states that the time to make an arrow is one day.
Similarly Bowyer has specific times to make specific bows, Armorer has
specific times to make particular AVs of armor, et cetera.

Frankly I think that an EL80 fletcher would be a lot more likely to make a
good arrow AND a lot faster at making it than an EL1 fletcher.

Further, even the same skill fletcher may take X amount of time to make
one arrow, but a lot less than X amount of time per arrow when making a
large batch of arrows. Particularly if he has specialized equipment that
takes preparation and little more preparation for 100 than for 1 (example:
making a pot of glue to glue fletchings on).

Should there be a success roll involved?
What happens with a partial success? With a failure?
Presumably if it is to be enchanted the roll must be a success.

Should the time be variable?
If so, what are the variables?
How much time for what bonus to the roll?
What negative to the roll for going faster?
What modifiers for equipment? For batch processing?

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