Alex Koponen akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM
Mon Jan 26 03:12:57 CET 2004

P&Pv2 has two skill types to choose from. I think it should settle on
using what P&Pv1 calls 'Other' skills and drop (change) the 'or 80' type
skills. Having two different skill mechanisms needlessly complicates the
game making it harder to learn and slower to play.

'Other' skills such as climbing, survival and combat skills have no upper
limit to their expertise other than the applicable maximum abilities of
those using the skills. Magic skills also fit in best as "other' skills.

'Or 80' type skills have an artificial limit that imposes a needless limit
on those of heroic ability though those of lesser abilities will not
approach the limit.

    We need to adapt the 'or 80' type skills over to 'other' type skills.

    If we use the Maximum Level formula and put in a divisor equal to five
times the number of attributes we should end up with a reasonable Maximum
Example:  Herbalist (I + Em)/10             [divisor = two attributes x
    Calculate what Per EL Increase is appropriate.
EL8 'other' skill is roughly equivalent to EL80 'or 80' type skill.
Here we had 7x80=560 total expertise points to get from EL0 to EL80.
Now we have to figure out what NEL increase to use.
We can simply divide 560 by 8 to say it costs 70 per level or see which
multiplier come out to around 560 expertise points at EL8 (NELx15).

    However, the write up of the skill either has to be rewritten to
include phrases like 'skill x 10 percentage' or more thoroughly rewritten
to base it off the new, lower skill numbers.

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