Fletching Arrows

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Sounds interesting.

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>    I've used a slight modification of combat rules to address things like
>this. Failure would destroy some materials. Simple success would grant 0
>Work Points. Moderate would grant 1 Work Point. Each extra level of success
>would double the number of WP up to 8 at impossible. Difficult tasks would
>subtract points from this award. (When I say difficult, I mean like adding
>an extra point of fatigue to a weapon, not making a thousand arrows; that
>would be involved, but not difficult).
>    More fitting to specific skill is to allow 1 for moderate, 1+EL/20 to
>difficult, 2+EL/20 to very difficult, and 4+EL/10 for impossible.
>    These "Work points" are then applied to the task. When using this, I
>replace all instances of "Days" with Work Points. For arrows, I ussually
>reduce this to 1/2 WP. A common fletcher (EL 20) would be able to average
>about an arrow every 1-2 days, wasting a little money to destroyed
>material. If rushed, and if lucky, he could finish 8 (or 6) arrows in one
>day. An EL 80 fletcher can easily finish 2 (or 5) arrows every day, and if
>rushed and lucky could finish 8 (or 12) with an impossible. The 8 point
>limit makes sense with a fletcher, because some steps can not be sped up.
>The EL 80 could also try to make BETTER arrows, by sacrificing 1-3 (1-4) WP
>per day.
>    Also, if the craftsman is only trying to work on one standard piece,
>they can pace themself. They would assign a WP level to test for (Either
>moderate or difficult only), and roll against 1 level easier. If they pass,
>they get the number of WP they attempted, if they fail, they gain 0. This
>actually becomes a factor when trying to modify equipment to be better. (-2
>WP per day for +1 FV is -2 WP on a day 0 is scored).
>    I've worked out systems of WP and open-ended testing for many skills,
>if anybody is interested.For hunting, I've found it works quite well at
>both rewarding good hunters, and detering people from hunting unskilled.
>Alex Koponen <akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM> wrote:
>The skill Fletcher states that the time to make an arrow is one day.
>Similarly Bowyer has specific times to make specific bows, Armorer has
>specific times to make particular AVs of armor, et cetera.
>Frankly I think that an EL80 fletcher would be a lot more likely to make a
>good arrow AND a lot faster at making it than an EL1 fletcher.
>Further, even the same skill fletcher may take X amount of time to make
>one arrow, but a lot less than X amount of time per arrow when making a
>large batch of arrows. Particularly if he has specialized equipment that
>takes preparation and little more preparation for 100 than for 1 (example:
>making a pot of glue to glue fletchings on).
>Should there be a success roll involved?
>What happens with a partial success? With a failure?
>Presumably if it is to be enchanted the roll must be a success.
>Should the time be variable?
>If so, what are the variables?
>How much time for what bonus to the roll?
>What negative to the roll for going faster?
>What modifiers for equipment? For batch processing?

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