Enchant requirements

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No and No. Tanner is seperate from Armorer. Ditto for weaver, etc. Part of
the price the magician pays if he would be a mage in my mind. Feel free to
vary it as you choose if you disagree.

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>On Mon, 26 Jan 2004 12:35:03 -0500, Sylverrs_ dragon <abnaric at HOTMAIL.COM>
> >The reason wizardry gives the player a starting level as either a jeweler
> >armorer should show the answer to this question. They are essential
> >if he is to enchant items of value. The item must be made by the caster
> >virgin material. That means he must make the item from beginning to end.
>Okay. If making a magic ring with a cut gemstone in it, does the
>enchanter/jeweler have to have been the one to cut the gem? Must he have
>been the one to wrest the rough gemstone from the earth and then kept it
>unsullied by other hands until he has cut and enchanted it?
>While most armorers buy pigs of iron or bar stock for efficiency's sake,
>they probably know how to smelt the ore...it just takes longer and provides
>them less income per hour if they do so. So an enchanter/armorer can make
>metal armor from virgin ore. Note that some places far from iron mines will
>have problems getting virgin ore rather than getting pigs of iron.
>Does armorer skill cover the tanning of leather?
>Is tanner a subskill of armorer?
>I figure it is more likely in more primitive societies.
>Does armorer cover weaving cloth for quilted armor?
>I doubt it, though armorer probably includes a limited specialty in

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