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I also like the fact that healing takes a bit of time.  While not as
critical in a long-term campaign, on a short term (1-2 day) mission the fact
that you can't go "bam! you're healed" makes the characters have to watch
what they do instead of just running in like meat shields, confident that
they can be tapped up before the next battle.

|| >Speed - PMR increase EL+1?  I thought about at times options with say
|| >attribute like Dex, Agil, Str, or even Weight being factors in the

Hard to say.  You don't want to get overly complex.  The fact that it's
magic and can overcome any chunk of mass is fine.  That may be the place to
put the other factors -- mana cost goes up if you are trying to speed up
something real chunky.

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