+1WSB sword in Two Wpn usage

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Any of you interested in a French version of a 20-years updated version of
the original P&P rules ?
I rewrote the entire system (caracter creation, spells, creatures and
treasures) keeping some of the labels and rules into a entire world... sort
of a mix between the wonderful Harn style and the useful P&P system.


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Subject: +1WSB sword in Two Wpn usage

The Two Weapon Rules http://abroere.xs4all.nl/pnp/two_weapon.htm
state that:
Only weapons with a base WSB of ZERO or less, excluding magic enhancements
and special benefits gained through specific uses, AND a weight of TWO
pounds or less, that are not solely missile weapons, may be used for this

The Culture Book states that the Rogizini (and Kameri) weapons are +1WSB
over other weapons of the same type made elsewhere.

Does this prevent the +1WSB Rogizini swords and fighting daggers from being
used in Two Weapon style?

Personally I think that the Rogizini and Kameri swords and fighting daggers
should be usable in Two Weapon use, perhaps considered 'special benefits
gained through specific uses'. After all it is the metal quality, not
quantity that is different.

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