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I like the idea of creatures having stats in a format closer to characters. Everything could stay the same with a small note showing the character type values. For example, a goblin has I think an 8 St. It might be listed as St 8 (-1) : -3/x1 (Stat Avg (bonus): Native/ Multiplier). This could make modifying monsters for custom purposes much easier. In this same example, the Agility is I think a 16 or something. It might look like A 16 (+1): +1/x2. The creature does not have a maximum stat here, but you could max them out to have some not-quite elite goblins, better than standards. Again, just my thoughts. I like the sound of this one.

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In what way do you mean "improvement"?  Is this a restructure of the actual creature content, or a revising of how the creature stats are presented (which has implications as to how character stats are done, yes?)
I hope not stats :)..I'll have to redo my project and course if he did do stats it would've helped him to have all stats on one page rather than flipping page by page for easy comparison...

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