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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sun Oct 17 02:11:06 CEST 2004

At 07:16 PM 10/16/04 -0400, you wrote:
>Actually, a text file would be super. The reason being, I've been working on
>an on-line Creature reference stored in a MySQL database.  My approach thus
>far has been to scan each page and run it through OCR software.  Although
>this is a lot faster than typing the information in, it still requires
>editing the text into a format I can use to import the data into MySQL.  To
>see what I've done so far, check out
>So far, it's just an alphabetical listing.  I plan on adding a search and
>the random encounter tables.

If you can wait 2-3 weeks I should be done.  What I'm doing now is a GM
screen format of the creatures (book 3 project).  I'm doing this from my
monster.txt file I typed up like a decade ago before pdf was even out there
:)  I typed it up over a few days time.  Unfournately theres a typo here
and there but  as I'm going through it I'm spell checking and editing :)
So it'll be better.  I'm up to G)oblin now.  Roughly half the project is
done (304k file and my edited GM file is 160)...I tend to 2 letters a day
so I figure 2-3 weeks max....then I can send it to ya.  I actually sent the
OLD copy to wout years and years ago for the website so it might be
there..the sloppy version :)  But this bok 3 porject will also help your
reference pages as well so stay tuned :)  Imagine all creature stats in one
screen rather than flip flip flip...:)  I'm off 3 days week so should get
alot work done this week...so stay tuned...

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