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In addendum to this, assume 1 day per 5cc of cost for non-metal armors.
(rounded up, of course).  This thumbnail should apply at all times.  No
armor is "off the rack".  Make those players pay for that inn time, waiting
for the armor to be made. :}



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One has to look at any of the metal armors as being "time-limited" - none of
that will be off the rack.  The high price of the metal armors is including
the time to make to specifications.


I would figure about 1 day per 1sc of cost as the time to create the armor
for a qualified armorer with apprentices and a complete forge and tools.
Add a few days to this for the purchase and haggling and material gathering,
perhaps 2d6 days for metal armors and 1d6 for non-metals.



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