[PnP] B4 p31 Attribute Effect

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Sun Oct 31 19:22:05 CET 2004

In Book 4, page 31 magical items that give a bonus or penalty (equal to the 
item's MDV) to Current Ability ratings are restricted to only having one 
item operable, having more results in their negating each other AND any such 
item is restricted to affecting, at most, three characteristics.

I disagree with these limitations.

What happens if one is wearing a Natural Magic Item? These operate under 
different rules for determining how much a Current Ability is changed. If 
two such were worn (say a bezoar and a chalcedony each improving strength by 
5) would they negate each other, be cumulative or would only the stronger 
take effect? What happens if an attribute affecting NMI is worn along with 
an item enchanted for attribute effect? If negation happens, does it only 
affect the attribute effect or does it negate all the powers of all the 

I propose an alternative:
No inherent limitation on the number of items that affect Current Abilities, 
Thus no negation between items.
If multiple items affect the same attribute only the strongest bonus and the 
strongest penalty take affect. Example: Someone wearing three items that 
give respectively +5, +12 and -8 to an attribute. Only the +12 and the -8 
take affect, giving a net result of +4.

Creating magical items that affect attributes (other than enhancing NMIs) is 
limited by several things:
The item cannot increase/decrease an attribute by more than its MDV.
It can be created to modify attributes by less than its MDV.
A maximum of (EL+1)/3 (RU) attributes may be modified by the item.

                                        Alex Koponen 

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