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More responses. Will send more as time allows. When checked list saw server 
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Sorry if it is confusing.


101) Shadow - Energy - Is the 24 hours a full SunRise/SunSet day or can it 
go from 4:30 to 4:30?
Top of head says 24 hours from when the spell is cast.

102) Fatal Shade - If blood or no blood?  That part is a bit confusing. Does 
this shade move?
Will double check. Believe is energy leeching thing. Will make sure.

103) Freezing Hand - Can this spell do multiple targets during duration or 
once cast you can only do 1 target?
Multiple targets possible I would say. Will check to see if is case where 
target must be specified.

104) Leec hing - Can this spell be used to leech animals?  Maybe there 
should be a INT limit so only intelligent creatures can be limited? So it 
can't be abused so Cows aren't leeched :)
Spell can be used to Leech anything that casts a Shadow. Modification 
limiting its use for “non-worthy” purposes can be added.

105) Shadow Command - Should the shadow damage the body if the goal is not 
being actively completed?  i.e. if the person ignores the goal even though 
its a compulsion or is delayed?  I guess the compulsion part does force it 
but th! ere could be delays and thus damage?
Damage resulting would be suffered as energy loss.

106) Shadow Sculpting - Could you give a typical example.  Spell is a bit 
weird thinking of SHADOW and OBJECT in same line. Does the object remain 
shadow or does it go solid?   How would it look?
Will re! read and make said example. It stays shadow.

107) Wasting Hand - Does it use Duration 1/2 as for Freezing Hand? Is the 
age effect drained BACKWARD or ADD  age?  I assume it decreases age (thus 
life span) but it could age forward too?
Can not be used to make the target younger. It steals life. However you 
choose to phrase it, victim’s life is shortened.

1) Abandon: No MDV Limit?  Seems like this spell would do good with a MDV 
Limit.  I had an optional rule for this spell but think a new spell and 
family group might fit this better.  See below.
Applying MDV limit is possible. Didn’t feel the need when wrote it.

2) Astral Paths: Should there be some form of this s pell used to travel via 
the Lower World instead of Upper?  I've thought of it but can't reason out a 
good way but anyone ever think about it? I know in theory this spell works 
on the godly mystical aspects of the Upper World.  but there are also 
supernatural forces of the Lower World. So a alternative or option might 
work, no?
The Convocation restricts Balance power from operating in the Lower World in 
any form. Thus, there is no Lower World use for this spell. Also, Astral = 
stars = Upper World.

3) Astral Well:  How about an optional rule to spend x3 or x5 for sending 
the person to a specific upper world location.  However the caster must have 
precise information or knowledge of said location to use this option.  I 
think a x3 Mana Cost would work.
Will consider it.

4) Blindness: Optional rule suggestion - Since some animals like Bats, 
Dolphins, etc. use radar/extrasensory things to 'see' how about an optio! 
nal rule so this spell works on those creatures. Maybe a x3 mana cost for 
this to be effected or a x2?  Say your swimming and suddenly a shark is 
coming toward you..you cast this spell and its magnetic sense/blood sense is 
lost and it goes off in some random direction.   In some regard I recall 
reading a myth about underwater creatures (like Mermen) that had this 
ability to use on the sea creatures when in danger.
Would not support that change for Blindness. Adding other spells to 
accomplish that, or a family of powers that dominate the senses, would be 

5) Choking Moisture: I've thought about getting this to affect more than one 
target but haven't come up with a good plan. Anyone try to modify this spell 
for area effect?  BMC wise and such?
Can do a 3x cost version to achieve area affect if you wish. Diameter of 
affect would equal EL with range = EL+2. If caster is in area he creates, he 
is affected.

6) Compulsion: Should this spell be more restrictive for pnp2? ! ;Say make 
it Tasks: EL so the person has to perform EL tasks rather th an some vague 
endless number of tasks.  As it stands now it could be abused.
Will look at it. Intent was to use it as a cheap Geas spell.

7) Concealing Mist: How about optional rule to cast this at x3 the mana 
cost.  Used this way the caster can move away from the Mist which stays in 
place.  The person is also invisible. Could make for good escapes.  But 
requires Invisibility spell be known to the caster.  Cost is x3 mana for 
Concealing Mis! t plus cost of invisibility.  Right now the mist is used to 
confuse enemies but its easy to track the caster.  Must cast and have 
success in both spells to use.
Sounds interesting. Might be better as an entirely different spell. Would be 
Sidh, akin to the powers inherent in Fay mists and such.

8) Cold: Alternative spell suggestion:  See below for new spells.

9) Damage Reversal: Just a clarification.  Does this spell work only once to 
the person attacking first come first serve?  Ie if 3 wizards cast fire 
darts on the caster does the first fire dart reverse or do all three if all 
three hit in the same phase?  This may need to be clarified for pnp2.
In general would say affects one spell. Will give it a look.

10) Darkling Light: Is the damage permanent after negation or does it just 
suddenly go away if negated completely?  Just a clarification. Also is the 
damage to Energy Level or Physical. Just making sure. My guess is the damage 
just goes away and it goes to physical.
Damage is physical. Spell either consumes the victim completely or does 
nothing. If it is negated in one of the possible ways before the target dies 
he is undamaged by it.

11) Grasping Sands: Can you explain the  success/failure/success thing? It 
says to crush spell must be cast again. Does this mean you have to cast 
Grasping sands ONCE to grab the target then cast it AGAIN to get the crush 
Yes. Cast to grab then cast again to try to crush person who has been 

12) Detection: The EL+1 inches squared range is tactical or literal inches?  
Just clarifying.

13) Dark Sight:   Alternative or optional suggestion.  How about a IR/heat 
night vision effect?  Instead of a spell for night viewing how about 
something to see heat or UV signatures like animals do?  Maybe a x3 mana 
option or something.
Would do with new spell not a change to this one. For fitting fantasy 
mythos, would be a spell to see life. (Life Sight) Piss ya off when you’re 
surrounded by vampires and see nothing because they aren’t alive wouldn’t it 

14) Fog of Death:  How does weather affect this spell.  Does it magically 
remain say in high gusts or will it blow away?
Would be up to the referee I’d say. Were I running, wizard wouldn’t want to 
cast it in a hurricane. Chuckle. Will specify more precisely.

15) Hand of Death:  I think it should be required the hand that is used in 
this spell glow in some fashion.  :)  I mean this spell is powerful if folks 
see some glowing hand coming toward them they'll run away.  But some caster 
can come up and slap a guy in the back and he'd never know what hit him.  
Also should there be a MDV limit to this spell?
Should specify that the hand is surrounded by “the aura of death”. That 
would be blackness and intense cold. Should also specify that it is 
discharged on the first living target touched after casting – be that the 
intended target, the caster or a fly. MDV limit is possible. Would be 

16) Decay:  Does the spell ONLY end if negated or also at the end of the 
listed duration?
If negated or at the end of the duration whichever comes first.

17) Desert Powers: Shouldn't there be a sand ability like Earth Powers 
Transport?  Maybe a caster can use the fine mist of sand as a 'water 
surfing' type effect and move across the desert like the Earth Transport 
does with regular earth. OR do you guys consider the Earth Transport to be 
ok on desert terrain?  Hmmm...just thought of that.
Could be added. Can also, if desired, limit the affect of Earth powers in 

18) Disorder: Is this a slight redundant spell since Abandon is very much 
like this spell?
Not at all redundant in my opinion. Abandon is Elder. Disorder is chaos. 
Forces the powers stem from aren’t nearly the same. Abandon dazzles the 
senses. Disorder seeks to shatter them.

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