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20) Earth Strength: Must caster wait entire duration or can the Caster end
it before duration ends?
Lasts for entire duration. Once given, is given.

That's cruel....man...:)...could they dispell it?

Like any spell, I suppose, it can be dispelled. It uses its MDV in defense 
against that effort.

23) Elf-Shot: Can permanent magic dedicated bows/arrows be used or is that
sorta cheating? :)
The bow and arrows used for the spell must be dedicated to that use 
magically. Will have to be more explicit in spell description.

But didn't quite answer if it can be pernament your saying it has to be 
dedicated at time of use which would be in game terms a encounter event.

Depends on the Referee. If said item was NEVER used for anything except 
Elfshot, a case could be made for making an item with the power to use the 
power automatically. It would be a powerful Sidh or Sidhe artifact.

27) Fire Showers: Caster can't move but you can place the center of the
spell away from the caster. Hrmmm.. I had to actually do some EL chart and
see this. It does work on higher ELs otherwise its hard to get away from
having the caster affected. Ok. But why would the caster want to send it
away from himself. I always see this as a curtain of fire. If you send it
away from the caster does this still remain a circular formation or can it
be expanded to say wall format?

Base rules it is restricted to a circle. Main intent is to rain fire on
enemy. Complexity of adding various formations and such in casting wasn’t
worth it in my view. Only answer as to why send it away is to keep from
being burned. Way the spell is.

Ok.  I made 3 new Fire Power powers in the new spell sets I did as 
alternatives o the above.

Will be replying to new spells and other things in the next few weeks. A lot 
of the ideas you put out were damn good.


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