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I have to chime in here that Mass Combat rules are not mine, but based on
Mass Combat rules from a GURPS author.
Once we have the new system down on paper I'll see about working up original
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Ok. I made 3 new Fire Power powers in the new spell sets I did as 
alternatives o the above. 

Will be replying to new spells and other things in the next few weeks. A lot

of the ideas you put out were damn good. 

Well a nice thing to say.  I may not be too creative in terms of things like
new skills or Mass combat rules like Burton.  Or be as detailed in new rule
systems like Alex.  But I can do some minor part :).  Course it also helps
to have no books to read...:)  When idle hands are..well idle...watch out :)

I think you personally will like my book 3 project since it'll show all
creatures in a quick glance so you don't have to flip through 30 pages to
compare stats of creatures.  All one screen.  Might help in editing new
monsters and others.  I only have so far maybe 3 questions out of that
project :)... 

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