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You can't just turn cents into BB, and modern terms is very misleading due
to industrialization.

I would suggest that you try and find sites that give prices in medieval
times.  (Domesday book is one source).  

Again, if you follow from the contruction rules I submitted, price is based
on the cost of labor, since the trees are "free".  

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Well finally making some progress in ships.  

With sites recommended by Burton I was able to find the data I believe will
help in the long run.  

A Board Foot is the basic unit for timber and ship construction.  
I foun a pdf where a Galley requires 300 heacre of oak forest and
122 confier.   

Based on that I was able to come up with finally a conversion factor
of 747.5 (roughly) BF in 1 Hectacre.  Based on this I could determine
it takes 315445 BF to build the galley (basic hull structure).

Another site I determined a BF is 93 cents in modern terms.  So let's say
93 BB in pnp.  Course this vary by supply/demand and port, etc.  But using
93 BB
this comes up with a value of 29,336 and change in Gold to just build the
hull structure in wood (not including Nails :)).  

This also jives with other materials I've found on costs for a galley. 

Using this material and others I can then base a system for construction
costs on these factors.  So its progress.

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