[PnP] Movement rates, thrown and fired items

David A. Sanders dasandersx at comcast.net
Mon Oct 17 01:52:27 CEST 2005

I ran across this link:  http://www.etherealpursuits.com/ep_tips_ballistics.htm

It has some interesting information/tables about how high things must be thrown/fired in order to get a certain distance.  Basically, if you are in a 20' high cave and you see a goblin 100 feet away, can you realistically hit it with your light crossbow?  Anyway, take a look.

I was thinking about movement rates too, and the game rates just don't seem right...especially the flying ones....they're just WAY too slow.  The people movement seems OK, but the animals and creatures are just unrealistic.

The attached spreadsheet shows rateas of speeds in FPS amd MPH...both items we can relate to (except you metrics out there).  Anyway, I included walking speed (about 2.5-3.0 MPH or MR of 1), included the websites numbers for thrown items (daggers, hatchets, spears, javelins - these seemed pretty accurate...I checked Olympic data on the javelin, for instance).  I also included infor for a car moving 60 MPH, thrown baseball at 100MPH (just happens to be same speed as a shortbow arrow), and stuff like that.  Oh, yeah, and horse speeds...like the fastest horse on record (for Triple Crown Stuff) was about 40MPH or a MR of 72 (turn) or 18 (PMR)!!!...the rules call for a Riding Horse IV to be MR 32...which is barely faster than a 4-minute mile!!!

Anyway, the flying speeds seem to be biggest problem.   Dragons only fly MR 32 or 34?  That's less than 20 MPH!!!

OK...So, yes, this is an official rant.  But you guys seem to like the more realistic aspects of some of the stuff.

ALSO...you can see in the website how far a weapon can be fired/thrown in one phase...it's possible that you shoot...but your missile doesn't reach the target until the next phase...


PS  If the file gets scrubbed...I'll post it online and you can look it up there instead of going to the link.
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