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Tue Dec 9 02:36:35 CET 2008

>From now on, all of the scans/OCRs/misc. docs I post for those interested
will be on a single, permanent link. This will lead to one shared folder on
Mediafire.com. So, anyone who is still interested in getting this material
(if for some reason they dont have it yet, or could find an OCR version
useful, etc) they can periodically check one, permanent URL-link for

Of particular note: Mediafire (as opposed to Scribd) has the High-Quality
100MB version of Tower Of The Dead (PDF) [By the way, Wout also has it, for
those that might get material from him]; the 5MB version is a good size, but
does have some minor distortion due to the high compression applied to it.
Also, it appears no one has to sign up for anything to download the stuff,
which I think is a requirement for Scribd.
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