[PnP] OCR Text Vesions Of Tower Of The Dead Done

Phineas Cromwell phineascromwell at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 04:09:52 CET 2008

I have posted two copies of a 'Version 1' OCR Text conversion of Tower Of
The Dead on my Mediafire page.

They are 'Versions 1' because I am only 90-some % sure that they are without
error, but I will subject them to a gradual meticulous look over time to
check for any, for which I am sure are only very minor ones, if any.
Presently, these renditions are sans the Index (TOC) that appeared in the
original, but I did bookmark the OpenOffice.Org version. And, of course, all
the reference to maps will require the consultation of the PDF version/print
Also, of course, if anyone spots errors themselves I would be more than
happy to hear about them for a final draft version, if anyone cares to.

These OCRs are provided for anyone who might find them useful, and also for
potential use as an aid for the future posting of Tower Of The Dead on the

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